About Me

I’m an artist and “escaped” lawyer who spent years in the indie rock music business surrounded by the colorful, fabulous spirits that inhabited New York’s East Village scene and an incredible energy that changed my life. I also have MS (Multiple Sclerosis), which has also changed my life and my vision, both literally and artistically. The combination of all of these influences inspires my artwork.

In a way, I guess that my style is a kind of figurative collage in the sense that it combines snippets of my lived experiences and imagination. Every image starts when a photograph or piece of a photograph that I’ve taken in the past calls to me. Then I either decide to go with the image as-is…or inspiration leads it from there on a road through drawing and/or graphic design to its final destination.

My unique experience with MS-related optic neuritis caused “too-bright” vision and often only allowed me to view pieces of a scene or my surroundings due to a need to squint. This was an unexpected turning point that became a wellspring of artistic vision and imaging inspiration. You’ll find images that directly channel my experience with this vision impairment in my “Signature” collection, and you’re sure to find elements of this in other pieces, too.

My art celebrates moments and elements in isolation with an emphasis on light, color, mood and texture. It shows that parts are as important as the whole, and it celebrates unique instances and energies. I’ll even convey the energy in a cupcake or a flag and capture it in a way that the viewer “gets” it as well as if they were viewing a portrait of a person. All of my images celebrate a simple appreciation of the gift of observation that allows us all to witness the life and fleeting moments in elements of a subject that most of us too often overlook.